The Ecocriticism Study Group

of the American Musicological Society

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Ecomusicology List

The Ecomusicology List (via Google Groups) provides a forum to share ideas about and resources regarding ecomusicology; furthermore, it facilitates organizational matters relevant to the AMS ESG and the SEM ESIG.  Membership in the List is free and open to all, regardless of AMS or SEM affiliation.

To join, please visit the Ecomusicology List via Google Groups . Please note that anyone with an email may join and then receive and post messages, but only those with a Google Account can interact via the web, customize List delivery options, and view archives. If you do not have a Google account, simply email either or with a request to be added. (All requests are subject to administrative approval, so there may be a short delay.)

The List is organized and run by both the AMS ESG and the SEM ESIG. (However, note that the By-Laws of the ESG state that membership in the AMS-ESG is determined by membership in the AMS and inclusion in the email list that the ESG maintains.)  The AMS ESG and the SEM ESIG also provide supplementary Norms of Use that apply to all subscribers.

An archive of past correspondence through the (defunct as of 15 June 2012) “AMS-ESG e-mail list” is available here (note, however, that after 16 June 2012, all archives are on the above Google Groups site).