The Ecocriticism Study Group

of the American Musicological Society

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AMS Ecocriticism SG

The Ecocriticism Study Group (ESG) of the American Musicological Society (AMS) is a forum for exploring the intellectual and practical connections between the studies of music, culture and nature. In particular, the ESG seeks to integrate the study of music with the well-developed field of literature scholarship known as ecocriticism, which highlights the manifold roles of nature and environment in the creation and interpretation of culture.  The AMS officially recognized the ESG in 2007.

The purpose of the ESG is to foster discussion on topics germane to music, culture and nature; to share resources, ideas and avenues for disseminating our work; and to provide a forum to further develop our ideas. Initiatives of the ESG include business meetings and a diverse array of intellectual sessions at AMS Annual Meetings; an Internet presence, including a bibliography and links of resources; an email list for continued discussion; and investigation of the ways scholars might respond to contemporary ecological concerns.

Here are a brief history of the ESG and its By-Laws. If you would like to consider membership or donating to support ESG activities (e.g. guest speakers, subsidizing conference outings), please visit this page.

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